Kentucky Legislator Don Johnson Commits Suicide Over Sexual Accusation

December/14/2017 20:31PM
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A Kentucky state legislator shot himself on a bridge over accusations that he molested a 17- year- old girl. He had denied that it happened but the media is judge and jury in these matters as we well know. If the charge was not true who is responsible for this sad outcome?

The young lady who would have to live with this? The media that has no conscience nor any journalistic responsibility to confirm truth in any accusation these days. Nor, does there seem to be any significant penalty when their unfounded stories prove wrong.

Is this the bottom for this new track this country is taking?



He makes a reference to PTSD which he says came from being at ground zero at the Pentagon on 9-11. The media has also attacked him on this front as well.

So, another life is destroyed without a trial. I believe it’s a slippery slope we are on today when the media can do this to a person, guilty or not. But, not proven guilty by a court of law or even charged with a criminal offense.

Alabama showed a new desperate Democratic Party tactic. Dump Al Franken, sometime, and show you are a paragon of purity. Forget, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, and mount a renewed attack on Trump and any Republican running for office. When you have no platform or leadership short of Pelosi and slime ball Schumer or foul -mouthed Kristen Gillibrand, it calls for desperate measures.

Russia is blowing up in their faces so now it’s misogyny. The party of presidential misogyny is now the party that will prosecute misogyny using the media and Gloria Allred as judge and jury.

I don’t know if Don Johnson did what he was accused of doing but his Facebook entry about the act points out that a lot of family and friends are really hurting either way. When the judge is an institution that has a 12% approval rating like the media it makes Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge, look better.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    Look into this case deeper.
    There is information that he was a religious zealot, who professed the ability to heal by touch.
    Kind of like Oral Roberts, who said God will call me home if you don’t send me money.
    He was just a huckster and nothing more.
    I feel sorry that his family was taken in by his lies.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    This is Obama’s Legacy & Progressive Socialist Game Plan –
    Americans are being made to Second Guess themselves and Cower to Political Correctness on a daily basis.
    Your Right! It is a Slippery Slope we are on.
    Thank God we have a “Strong” President and Plenty of Strong Americans who will Stand Up for themselves still.

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