Judge Roy Moore

November/17/2017 23:11PM
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If he did anything the good Judge uncorked the bottle and let the genie out. When the accusers began coming forth and claiming the Judge was doing improper things with young women 40 years ago, the first to pile on and call for his resignation was none other than Mitch McConnell. The man who man not get tax reform through the senate because he can only lose two votes wanted to take that to one by sending a Democrat to the senate from Alabama. Who followed in rapid succession: John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Lindsay Graham.  Quick to convict a fellow Republican. Much like the cop in Ferguson, Missouri who was guilty by the media, the black community and the Revs-Al and Jessee.  But, the courts found him not guilty.

What will be the outcome of the Alabama fiasco? Mitch says he won’t seat him, the pundits say Trump will use this as a way to get rid of Sessions by sending him home on a write in. Moore says he will stay the course and win the election. He says Mitch needs to resign not him. At  this juncture, I see it as referendum on the following: 1. do 40- year old claims of improper conduct with women prohibit a man from being elected to public office. 2. in a contest between a man under attack from the media  and the establishment, who wins 3. How many members of Congress are not sleeping well knowing they could be next? 4. who turns on who. Kirsten Gillibrand   has already turned on the Clinton’s. Without them she would not be in the Senate. She, who likes to use the F word in public speeches.

Well, here’s my take. Moore will be elected by the voters in Alabama. They detest the establishment and the media and will ignore them telling them how to vote and vote for their man who doesn’t bend to either.

The lid will blow off Congress. This has been the biggest frat house in the world and these old boys living away from home for months have been partying like  it’s 1989.  The women will keep coming and the men will keep denying, apologizing, and their will be lots of resignations. The swamp will be cleaned but it will be the behavior of the male critters that will cause the change. We will owe the judge a lot when it’s all over. The Democratic Party will never forgive Ms. Gillibrand for trashing Bill Clinton, her Godfather.

The ugly underbelly of DC is about to be exposed causing the country to forget the baloney about the Russians. It’s re staffing time and  it couldn’t happen at a better time to a more deserving bunch of fools. First out of the box, Al Franken. Just two so far Al, and it’s only the first few days. Gloria Allred is on your case.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    I looked at the signatures and I felt that they w ere different.
    If. Allred won’t allow examination of signatures then it is a closed case.
    Live ink and age of ink can be easily determined.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    Well Said – I think the Alabama people see through this, I do.
    If Polls were always right – Donald Trump would not be President.
    The Republican Elites are out to destroy Roy Moore.
    I don’t Understand it, but;
    This is Obama’s World – Everything seems up side down.
    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty Powerful, Value & Moral Lacking people who should be held accountable.

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