Trump and the NFL

September/25/2017 6:35AM
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flag at grand canyonTrump initiated a dialogue about the players kneeling for the anthem at NFL games. It has taken over the news for the week. Displaced the North Korean threat, the Republican health care mess, and the dysfunctional Congress that can’t pass anything. This whole thing started by one player:



I still don’t understand why a millionaire athlete is protesting and what he was protesting since its never been clearly stated. But, here are  the things I do understand:

1. Football as a sport is in trouble. High schools are getting fewer and fewer kids turning out for the game. Parents are rightfully concerned about the concussion issue. Tests showed that Aaron Hernandez had CTE and that might have been a factor in his violent behavior. The golf industry lost a generation and will never recover.

2. I don’t consider myself a racist but I am a patriot and I don’t condone inappropriate behavior when the anthem is played. I have asked people to remove their hats. I you want to protest something( I repeat, I don’t know the issue) find a better way to protest that doesn’t offend me and the majority of my fellow Americans including my President. The President who always seems to come down on the right side of these thorny  issues, the side that most Americans support. First, I see the statistics and they don’t show that police shoot more blacks than non-blacks. Last, if you still believe that is true, find a better way to protest than to disrespect my flag and my anthem.

3. Those who will pay the price in this mess are the NFL owners, the commissioner ( he’s fired it just hasn’t happened yet), the players who don’t agree, and the fans who love pro football but love our country more and will tune it out.

4. If more players kneel as some suggest there will be a “no NFL day” and the fans will show the business the cost of their support. The Emmy Awards can attest with poor ratings that will result in fewer sponsors for next year’s show. Hollywood saw the smallest ticket revenue in 25 years this summer. LaBron James and Stephan Curry have made this an NBA issue. I’m sure that pleases the owners and the commissioner.

5. The team with the most kneelers, the Cleveland Browns has produced the worst product for their fans for years. If Browns fans and like Bears fans they are looking for other options for Sunday afternoons.  Protests by millionaires never conjure up a lot of sympathy, especially those that are ill defined.

Can one man destroy a sport, a sport that replaced baseball as our national sport? Doubtful, but he has put a big hurt on it and when you combine that with overexposure, a larger protest movement, a declining interest in the sport with kids, and the issue itself, patriotism, the cost of his actions will be significant for the future of the NFL.

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Comments (4)

  1. Jim Hicks says:

    This is Obama’s World.
    The only President that I saw who had No Love for America!
    This is the new norm:
    Distain, Hatred and Disrespect of America and American Morals, Values and Principles that our Founders and Generations after have Fought and Died for.
    I quit watching the NFL last year in protest, except for some Dallas games (my wife loves the Cowboys), a few Playoff games and the Super Bowl.
    I have not watched this year yet, I will start watching again when the protests stop.
    I do miss watching it, but there are always other things to do or watch.
    I Support my President, Donald J Trump – I am glad he said something. Make America Great Again.

  2. James Miller says:

    I have seen Goodell playing God with players, Goodell ignored older players until he was sued and ESPN has brought in political and social issues into sports to the point the may not exist in 10 years. Most NFL Super Bowl winners are the ones who get away with cheating on the field, mostly holding receivers. I wonder who will ruin the nFL 1st ESPN or Goodell?
    The only people who cannot discipline you for free speech is the government however a company can fire you.
    Goodell disrespected the ones who made the NFL great and now he disrespects those who fought and or died for our flag.

  3. Jim Hicks says:

    Funny, I did not even know that it was an “NFL Rule” to Stand and Salute during the National Anthem. (heard it on the radio and Hannity)
    Goodell, could have enforced that Rule last year.
    We know where he Stands Now.

  4. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    I guess the mothers of these idiots did not instill respect of country while sending them to kindergarten.

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