Trump Takes on the Media Again

August/23/2017 18:33PM
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I have fairly good hearing for my age and only wear glasses to read. Trump re-litigated Charlottesville again and everyone but his base went crazy again. They couldn’t refute his facts so  they said he omitted the statements that caused the furor initially. Here is their issue. He said there were well-meaning people on both sides and bad people on both sides. Well, on one side we had antifa, the side the media says is not  bad. But, in Boston and Phoenix that side was being declared not so nice by the same media. On the right there were people who were opposed to taking down the statue and they had a permit. I guess in the eyes of the critics that makes you bad. So ESPN fires an Asian sportscaster Robert Lee. Makes perfect sense.

In my judgment the media in this country has become evil and I choose to join the President in calling them out. They are an extension of the Democratic Party , the far left version. The Democratic Party itself is sitting on the sidelines hoping that media will do their work for them. The do-nothing Republicans are also being called out and they run to the media like little weasels and cry Trump is a bully. But, he’s right about them too. He was speaking in a state that has always been a Republican state that is now represented by two Republican senators who are Republican in name only. One is a classic screw-up who was once the target of the media that loves him now and the other is a ghost.

There was a line in Trump’s speech that even got my wife’s attention. I paraphrase. The media are not only being unfair and dishonest  to me and  but in so doing they are doing the same to you. If you voted for Trump like I did you expect a certain level of honest decorum from the media in their treatment of him. After all, they are the first to criticize him for being non-presidential. He is trying to save our country. It’s serious business. If he doesn’t win this war with the media and the do-nothing Republicans, we are lost. We become Illinois or Venezuela like the media dreams we should.

Just look at two big items in the media today. James Clapper, caught lying to Congress, went on a rant saying things like Trump is trying to get out of the job, he is deranged, and he shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear weapons. Why  is this incompetent liar headline news? Because he goes further than even the slimy media tend to go. One liar not enough let’s drag the best of the best, Hillary,  and have her pimp her book and talk trash about Trump stalking her in the debate. Fair and balanced, unbalanced and grossly unfair?

I understand perfectly what Trump is doing. He has no options.  We had Obama, an empty suit, who read from a TelePrompTer words written by a slick journalist that never really  said anything.  Beautiful flowing words almost like a concert at Carnegie Hall. Interrupted somewhat by at least 200-300 insertions of the word I in each speech. Trump speaks like you and I with our friends. He is just as educated as the elitists as he said last night, but he doesn’t speak their pompous language. Or, chooses not to try to impress with words but with deeds and plain talk.

Remember, Trump was elected because 70% of the public thought this country was headed in the wrong direction. The critics were all part of that, all those wonderful Republicans like Ryan and McConnell and the media and the loyal followers of Obama. We elected him to fix all of this and none of this really wants to get fixed. If we don’t stand behind him it never will.

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