London Loves Trump

June/05/2017 15:43PM
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Every hear any group in any country chanting “Barack Obama, We Love You” Never did and never will.

There are certain rewards to being right. To winning as Trump would say. When the tide is against you and you row against that tide and succeed it’s noticed by many. And, still ignored by most.

Trump has been vindicated twice in the past week. First, for getting us out of the “charitable contribution to the world”,  under the guise of climate change, by bailing from the Paris Accord.

Now, the UK is under attack by ISIS terrorists that Tony Blair imported. Two million of them. Today on the news I heard they were inspired by a Muslim in Dearborn, Michigan. Probably imported by Obama. It’s just a matter of time until the Obama imports begin to do to us what they are doing to the UK. We’ve had several examples when illegals ,who Obama endorsed or released, have committed heinous crimes in this country.

Excessive tolerance cloaked in PC language explained to ignorant dogma “that’s not who we are as a country” we are a “country of immigrants”. We are not the world’s leader by being ignorant. At least we weren’t until we got an ignorant leader. One who chose to emulate the ignorant decisions our European friend were making.

Trump is righting the ship and while the media here refuses to recognize his proper decisions please remember they are part of the problem and not of the solution. You can only hide the error of Obama’s ways so long and they get exposed. Tony Blair’s are in the UK.

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