Russian Election Issues

April/05/2017 10:22AM
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cnn and susan rice

News coverage of politics have become a joke in this country. The rags you see at the supermarket warning about aliens have become mainstream media. Since Trump took office the theme has been some version of Russia and the election.

But, here’s the rub. Not one poll has been published showing public interest in any of this. Why? There is none. Other than the media and the mindless politicians no one cares. It’s entertainment for them and shows the public how much they have lost their way. If you polled us, the public, only the 1% who watch C-Span or cable news could explain the issues.

1. Did Russia conspire with Trump to steal the election?

2. Did Russia feed WikiLeaks the information that brought down Debbie Wasserman Shultz? Proving she was bringing down Bernie?

3. Did some insider in the DNC leak material to WikiLeaks?

4. Does Obama have a paid organization sabotaging Trump?

5. Why is Obama hiding out on some Pacific island?

6. Why did Valerie Jarrett move in with the Obama family in their new million dollar house in DC?

7. Did Obama wiretap the Trump campaign headquarters?

8. Did Susan Rice unmask people in the Trump campaign using NSA spy data? What is unmask?

9. Did Susan Rice lie(again)?

10. Will Susan Rice be forced to testify before a Congressional committee? ( see: Lois Lerner who took the 5th dozens of times)

Meanwhile the public, who grew weary of all this months ago, wants to know what the new president, who was elected to stop this, is doing to create jobs and fix the Obama mess.

See, it was Obama who created this magic show eight years ago. Look here and focus on this shiny object, while I cause trouble over there. That spin captured the media and the Congress and they are still in that mode. Look at all this stuff(above) while the North Koreans are firing their 4th missile. While  Businesses are beginning to talk of expanding here in the US. While the deficit is going down. While traffic across the border is declining to record lows. While a president is working on that little $20 trillion debt.

The country has been dumbed down to the Kardashian level by a media and a Congress that is beginning to make the Kardashians look brilliant.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    It disturbs me that the Congressional disapproval rating appears to be going down, while as far as I can tell it’s business as usual in that inept body. I fear the 24/7 10 negative stories a day are actually having an effect, the sheeple can’t tell the BS from what’s real anymore. Sad to see it.

    I gotta move to a Red state from the true blue one I’m in for any representation to have the remotest chance of aligning with my wishes. Hopefully less than three years to go in Taxachusetts.

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