Leadership Returned to America

March/01/2017 10:31AM
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Ryan's wifeI have written this blog since 1/27/08 hoping for what I heard President Trump say in his speech last night.  I spent some time going back through the blog entries and it was as if Trump and his people did the same. Finally, a president is applying common sense to his priorities for this country.

I believe the speech diminished the Democrats who looked small and petty and some even refused to stand for the emotional applause for the widow of the Navy Seal. I believe the media were also exposed for what they are. Shills for irrational liberal politics. They address the meaningless issues because they are incapable of seeing the picture Trump showed the country.

He addressed the flaws that are taking this country in a bad direction. Hate crimes, jobs, budget for defense and veterans, tax reform, health care, infrastructure, education, immigration, the wall, crime, and terrorism.  He said he wasn’t president of the world, just president of the United States. Hence, America comes first for him.

The Democrats and the media favor politics that beget Illinois. Over $12 billion in unpaid bills and an unfunded pension debt of $130 billion. The solution, raise taxes and borrow money. Residents are flowing out of Illinois in record numbers to escape this mess. Many, like me, don’t have to flee. Three more weeks in my Arizona home and I’m an Arizona resident and pay Illinois zero in income taxes.

So, let me see. Democrats and the media are for: illegal immigrants, bad health care, poor education, fewer jobs, higher taxes, bigger government, poor national defense, Islamic terrorism, hate crimes, expensive, but poor education, crumbling infrastructure, porous borders, and marginal treatment for veterans. We have all of that now in Illinois so the formula works. Have you seen pictures of that dam in California? But, Moonbeam wants a bullet train where planes fly.

Seeing the Democrats skulk out was worth the price of admission. Reminded me of the bad boy Detroit Pistons skulking out without handshakes after the Bulls and Jordan and Pippen knocked them out of the playoffs years ago. Isaiah Thomas is still apologizing for that.

The media will still try to keep you focused on things like Kellyanne Conway kneeling on the couch in the Oval Office, but don’t bite. Keep your attention on the list Trump outlined in the speech. Businessmen can prioritize and community organizers, lawyers, wordsmiths, and midget minds can’t. That’s why we hired a businessman to run this country.

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    Spot on Bill.

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