My First Trump Endorsement

January/19/2017 9:13AM
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I first endorsed Trump on July 25,2015(copy below). In the nearly 18 months since this entry, I have gained even greater respect for the man.

Tomorrow will be the culmination of nine years of this blog. Finally, I have hope for my country and my kids and grandkids. We will move away from the politics of destruction and back to the direction that made us what we were as a country.

I’m no smarter than the average bear but 35 years in the business world  and one learns to look at what works and what doesn’t. Obama, the media, the academic world, and Hollywood were taking us to obvious failures which we can clearly see: Puerto Rico, Detroit, Chicago, and Illinois. All bankrupt or soon to be. California may not be, but when 20% of the workforce is illegal, uneducated, and not being taxed it’s a house of cards waiting to topple.

Friday January 20, 2017 will be a red letter day for me. We will begin to see America take steps to be great again.

Style vs. Substance

July/25/2015 5:49AM

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I detest the arrogance of Donald Trump. His look, his walk, his superior attitude. But, I’m not voting for style. We just did style for 6 years. A president who is 20 miles wide, 50 miles long and 1 inch deep. Here’s what I want you to consider. Trump has attacked two issues so far with a vengeance. One, the porous border, and two, the VA issues. I have posted dozens of blogs about these two issues. In the first, he said illegals coming across the border commit crimes. For that, he’s skewered. In the second, he went after John McCain. Let’s address the border. Yes, many drugs, guns, and criminals come across that border. He says he will fix the problem. Now, the second. The VA problem is not fixed by putting Bob McDonald in charge. It may be worse. It was discovered in John  McCain’s back yard in Phoenix. John was heroic for what he lived through in Viet Nam. But, for that we need not hire him to fix problems like the VA in Phoenix.  John is senile and needs to retire to  the wife’s beer business in Arizona. Now, tick off the list of candidates running for president from both parties. Name one who can fix either problem. They are all blah, blah, blah just like Obama. All will name a committee, initiate a new department, like Homeland Security, or hire a Bob McDonald, who failed at Procter and Gamble, and is failing again in this job. Trump would approach both the way all business people would go after them. He wouldn’t hire a political hack like Janet Napolitano who has failed at everything to fix any problem. He would put in someone from his own organization, someone who has succeeded at big jobs. Then he would hold that person accountable for getting the job done. He would have regular reviews with that person. He might fail, but progress would be made and improvements would happen. It’s the old, “skins on the wall” question. If you have a multitude of successes and have a system that works, you have some right to be a bit arrogant. We, as a country, have skins on the wall. We are the big winner. Trump won’t bow to a Saudi Prince. He won’t fail to mention what the doesn’t like about a Mexico or a China to a leader of either country. He’s a sausage maker. Not pretty to watch, but he makes good sausage. We just hired a billionaire, Bruce Rauner, to fix Illinois. He’s making sausage. Not pretty to watch, but its the last hope for Illinois before bankruptcy. He took the job for one reason, to fix the state. He’s beholden to no one. He’s trying despite daily wars with the Democratic politicians who broke the state and want to finish the job. I’m not sold on the idea that I can tolerate Trump as president. But, I do believe he is the type of president we need to save our bacon. The rest are all blah, blah, blah.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I find Mr. Trump to be quite refreshing.

    He doesn’t need the money from either party (both of which seem to be the same these days as both parties sell this country down the river for power).

    And another thing, which I find to be quite appealing: Mr. Trump LOVES this country.

    The present POTUS has made it quite clear he hates this country and is doing everything he can to make it a banana republic.

    As you state, I am not totally sold on Mr. Trump, but I am LOVING the effect he is having on the media. Love the fact he won’t back down on his statements. He is a true man, and leader.

    Perhaps he is JUST what this country needs. He is the first bright spot I have seen in politics since the travesty named Obama was elected and he gives me some hope.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    Thank God!
    I am not the only one who see’s this!
    I knew he was Talking About “McCain Only”, I have asked McCain to Retire for years. I had friends tell me, Jim, Calm Down.
    (remember Michelle Bachman, Tea Party remarks, Ted Kennedys Amnesty)
    We need Fixers!
    People who know how to Run Companies, Hospitals, Factories, etc. efficiently with some Good Common Sense.
    I am having to Convince most folks that Trump will bring in the Right Civilian People instead of Government people to fix things.
    Last election I wrote Donald Trump letters asking him to run for President and sent a check with promises to give more to his campaign.
    I received a Thank You Letter back, hand signed by Donald Trump.
    I believe Mr. Trump can not TRUST anybody else to Fix America.
    He has my Vote and I am not a Crazy

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