Obama: Just Shut Up and Go Please

December/28/2016 20:31PM
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img_2685Past presidents have walked out the door and faded into obscurity to be see and heard on birthdays and special occasions. Not this guy. His only skills were campaigning and fund raising. No one has ever enjoyed the sound of his own voice more than Barack Obama. The rest of the world is tired to death of that sound, but he doesn’t get it, and never will. After all, a classic narcissist loves himself and can do no wrong.

He’s done most things wrong in 8 years and is stepping it up on the way out the door. The deal with Israel at the UN and the “I would have beaten Trump if I had run” statement to name just two. Tis behavior will compound itself until the inaugural and beyond.

We will never be rid of him because the ever-loving, pandering media will be at his side ready to report his stupid comments. He and the media will be second guessing Trump’s ever move ever day for the next four years. They represent the union of the worst of America and will try to bring Trump and the country to their level of mediocrity.img_2453 img_2692

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