Congress-Where America Warehouses the Elderly

December/16/2016 6:33AM
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stayed-too-longWhy do our lawmakers stay forever and don’t retire until they are in their 80’s or even 90’s? In the private world there is a retirement age for most jobs. People retire, get the watch, and enjoy life. Or, find a part-time job and travel, or pursue hobbies. But, not these people. Why?

They already have a part-time job. Here’s the 2016 House calendar.



In the private sector there is stress, accountability, and demands that require an employee to put in long hours and be at top performance. In congress, there is none of that. Then there is that annual review. None for Congress. In the private sector there are young people coming out of universities with new skills and it’s hard for the older worker to put in the hours and keep abreast of new technology. As their salaries reach peaks for a job level the company can hire replacements with equal talent for less money.

Members of Congress are put on a pedestal. They have perks not normal in the private sector and celebrity status. Somehow they all leave rich despite modest salaries.

Trump ran on a term limit platform. Pundits say he will not get that done. Why not? This organization has a 10% approval rating. Polls show that 70% of the voters favor term limits.

Why should people who work 20 weeks a year tell the American public we can’t have term limits? You want a swamp to drain, here’s one. 2016housecalendar


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