Castro’s Death

November/27/2016 8:19AM
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The media is reporting the death of Fidel Castro as if he was a great leaders who in the words of the Chicago Tribune headline, ‘Defied America”. This is a perfect example of post-election evidence of how far left the media is in this country.

I sat in the living room of the fraternity house with dozens of my peers watching the news about the Russian nuclear missiles aboard a ship bound for Cuba and the war promise  J. F. Kennedy made if they didn’t turn back. We thought we were going to war.

I worked with Cuban exiles in Miami who fled Castro with nothing and started over in this country and succeeded for the second time. They left behind family and friends who many never saw again. Some were killed and many died before they could reunite. They equated Castro with Hitler. Those who are still alive still do.

A country and many of its people were destroyed by a Communist tyrant who proved this form of government doesn’t work for anyone but the top banana and his henchmen. He was a failed attorney in Cuba who bullied his way to the top with promises of a good life for all. This is the same message we hear from the politicians who are favored by the media. Those who sponsor the recount in the election that is never over. Castro rallied the youth of Cuba just as some are doing here. With full support from the media who still wear Che tee shirts.

Make this a county where the people drown trying to escape. I had a can group roommate, as the rooming arrangement at Harvard Business School, who escaped from Romania with her husband by risking their lives. She was a concert pianist with an engineering degree. She had to go to an US university and re-do her engineering degree since no institutions in Romania or other Communist countries were recognized here. She freaked when she saw a leather jacket. She had strong feeling about Castro and what he was doing to Cuba since she lived it in Romania.

If you want to see the US become Cuba, keep buying products from the media in this country. They are licking the late tyrant’s boots and peddling his brand of government.

This is just another example of why I will be celebrating the recent election for the rest of my life. We just dodged Cuba.

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