Put Yourself in Trump’s Shoes

October/07/2016 5:46AM
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We may have reached a point in this country where no Republican can ever win the presidency again.

Trump is a successful businessman. The first in my lifetime to subject himself to this process.  Does the country need a business head at this point in time? Let’s just look at this one example.

Patients in the Phoenix VA Health Care System are still unable to get timely specialist appointments after massive reform efforts, and delayed care may be to blame for at least one more veteran’s death, according to a new Office of the Inspector General probe.

The VA watchdog’s latest report, issued Tuesday, says more than two years after Phoenix became the hub of a nationwide VA scandal, inspectors identified 215 deceased patients who were awaiting specialist consultations on the date of death. That included one veteran who “never received an appointment for a cardiology exam that could have prompted further definitive testing and interventions that could have forestalled his death.”

The report portrays Phoenix VA clerks, clinicians and administrators as confused and in conflict about scheduling policies despite more than two years of reform and retraining.

Last year, a team of experts from the Veterans Health Administration came to Phoenix and gave instruction to 325 employees. “Despite VHA providing facility-wide scheduling and consult management training in April 2015,” says the OIG report, “staff were not managing or scheduling consults according to that training.”

Inspectors also found the backlog of specialty consults has increased despite dramatic increases in medical staffing and outside referrals. Consults include appointments, lab tests, prosthetics, specialist advice, teleconferencing and other patient services.

“More than two years after the Phoenix VA Health Care System became ground zero for VA’s wait-time scandal, many of its original problems remain, and this report is proof of that sad fact,” said Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. “Although the report’s extensive use of confusing bureaucratic parlance makes digesting the IG’s findings a tedious chore, it’s clear veterans are still dying while waiting for care … and the work environment in Phoenix is marred by confusion and dysfunction

This problem is in the backyard of Senator John McCain, who Trump criticized for his work in the senate and was blasted for taking on a war hero. War hero does not translate to effective senator. No more so than attorney does.

So, Obama was going to fix this 2 years ago. He fired the head of the Veterans Affairs and brought in Bob McDonald. You can go back and look at my blog entry about that decision by plugging his name into the box at the right. His career as the CEO of Procter and Gamble was a disaster and he has brought that disaster to the VA.

Trump could fix the VA, and Hillary can talk about fixing it and go on to other matters. That’s why Trump has the endorsement of veterans. They know. How? He would initiate measures to establish accountability and actions when results aren’t achieved. There are none now. He would replace McDonald with some retired high- ranking general or admiral and let them clean house.

We see big things and little things that go on and on at the highest levels of government. Obama leaving with a $20 trillion debt left behind. Up from $10 trillion when he cam into office. Hillary will take it to $30 trillion in 4 years if her health holds out. She asked last week when one year of Trump’s tax returns was published in the NYT, “what idiot loses $900MM in a year? Let me answer that , Obama who has lost $1.2 trillion  a year while running this country.

We see Bill Clinton say ObamaCare is a disaster. We knew that, but the media glossed it over until the head of the Clinton Crime Family said it was.

We get a businessman, a billionaire, with nothing to gain but to fix a broken country and he is attacked from day one. More viciously than ever in history. The media do not have a modicum of pride about their liberal bias anymore. He’s blasted day in and day out in every form of public media  except social media where there are still some positive reports.  Like pictures of the thousands and thousands who show for his rallies vs. a roomful for Hillary. Every aspect of his life is blasted. Of course there is no mention of the numerous options to blast Hillary. Never have we had more fertile ground for blasting any candidate, but she gets a pass.

You think this is about Trump, but it isn’t. First, no business person will ever do this again. That’s a given. If Trump doesn’t succeed, this is one and done. But, it’s bigger than that. The media will have gained control of the political process in this country. This will insure a future of liberal democrats and a faster march to unsuccessful European Socialism.

That’s what is stake here. If we let the sleazy media with their lame-brained leaders take control of this county we are doomed.

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