Can the USA Become the USSR?

October/17/2016 6:10AM
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Is this a ridiculous thought? Well, let’s see.

The old Soviet Union was socialism turned to communism. Let’s start with the press. For all intents and purposes we are there. They had Tass and Pravda, and we have all media today supporting one candidate for president and the current president controlling the media messages. Just look at the Trump smear campaign orchestrated by the candidate and the press. Extend that to every issue the candidate doesn’t like as president. Reality becomes her version of reality for the pubic.  Would she distort the facts, who does it better?

Their plan is to continue the work of the current president with Hillary being even more aggressive. Moving us faster to a one-party system of socialist government. More aggressively stamp out all opposition. In a nastier fashion using the power of the press, the federal justice system, and the IRS. Of course, the foolish Republicans in office are playing right into this.

War on business is in full bloom with her henchwoman, Elizabeth Warren calling for the resignation of the head of the SEC because she isn’t coming down hard enough on business.

This candidate says she will take the guns out of the hands of citizens. Can she? You bet she can. Read paragraph two above again.

The candidate says she will raise taxes to fund bigger government. She will have that bigger government control energy policy. Goodbye fracking and all the progress we have made on domestic oil and gas production, hello solar panels that produce expensive power intermittently. Subsidized by your tax dollars. Back to $5 gasoline bought with foreign oil.

War is brewing in the Middle East and with Russia. It is said Hillary is a hawk and want to demonstrate she can resurrect her broken Middle East policy and her Russian reset. Putin is gearing up believing she will be president and he needs to get ready to wage war if necessary.

So, higher taxes, fewer jobs outside the huge growth in government jobs (business hostility/trade agreements), more food stamp recipients(she says this stimulates the economy), and a bigger debt to pay for all of this. More people pretending to work(government) and bigger government pretending to pay them(subsidies) is very much like the USSR. Remember Reagan said, “economic downturn is when you read about layoffs, recession is when your neighbor is laid off, and depression is when you lose your job.” Throw in a hostile approach to dissention and you are almost there. Now, add gun control laws that begin to restrict ownership and reduce the guns in private hands. Closer?

Why did the USSR fall? They decided to go to war with Afghanistan. They were broke and the cost of that war finished them off. Let’s see, $20 trillion in debt.  Not a problem, need more money , just print the stuff. What if the US dollar was not longer the world currency? Economists have warned about this for years. Then, where does the money come from to finance the growing deficit? Has to be higher taxes yet. What if that war were to happen in the Middle East involving Russia? Where does that money originate?

Still worried about Trump behaving badly?

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Very scary but could be true.

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