Trump Trashed by Media

August/03/2016 8:59AM
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media after trump It’s always been bad. The media left -wing   bias. But, this is hitting new lows. The local news stations may be worse than the national. Here’s the latest example.

purple heart

Veteran in Virginia give Trump his Purple Heart and says: “I have confidence in you and want to show it by giving you this”.  Something that is unlikely  with  Hillary, since the stink of Benghazi is not making her friends with military. Media spin. It is unacceptable to take a soldier’s medals. Two sides of one story.

It is so blatantly one sided that it should be embarrassing.  But, it’s OK to continue because consumers who detest the practice keep watching. There is no alternative product. Fox is close on the national scene but Fox seems to have issues with Trump as well. Two generations have stopped reading print media, so they have to rely on the boomers and older readers. There are so many places to get news that the local and national media outlets will find themselves in the same boat.

As my Harvard Business professor Ted Levitt, the marketing guru said: “if the railroads realized they were in the transportation business and not the railroad business, they would be running the airlines.”

If the media today realized they were in the business of reporting news and not trying to make news and influence consumers they would survive as journalists. But, that will never happen. Like colleges, Hollywood, and government employees the absence of anyone other than progressives makes it impossible for journalism to exist.

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