Obama Responsible for over 193 Murders

August/18/2016 8:33AM
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President Obama has been releasing illegal aliens from federal custody without benefit of any approval from congress. How is that working out for US citizens. As of June 15,2015 there were 121 murders attributed to these early release illegals.

Remember Michael Dukakis?  The name Willy Horton? Michael released Horton early and he committed murder. It cost Dukakis the presidential nomination for the Democratic party. Remember when Huckabee was trying to get the Republican nomination and a prisoner he pardoned while governor of Arkansas committed murder. He could never explain it away. But, Obama is directly responsible for more than 120 murders and no one cares. Or, do you care and you didn’t know? Why would this be something the mainstream  media would report? Wait. They did have a media barrage about illegal immigrants, I forgot. When Trump said they were murderers and rapists, they were all over that. Calling Trump a bigot and trying to insure he got zero Hispanic votes.

Want some more statistics? This is as of May, 2014, and I can’t find more recent data.

16,000 convicted of DUI or drugs

9,000 dangerous drug convictions

1,075 aggravated assault

426 of sexual assault

193 homicide

1,160 stolen vehicles

303 kidnapping

All this from a batch of 36,007 who were being processed for removal and were freed while awaiting the final disposition of their cases.

Want more of this? Vote for Hillary.

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Comments (2)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    120 Murders over 7.5 years versus 411 murders in less than 8 months in Chicago? If the mainstream media can ignore the failed leadership tragedy that is Chicago, no surprise that they can give a big pass on the illegal alien felons, and the progressives can yawn at both. Well, at least Chicago is lower on murders than Rio, so they can be grateful for that.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Test. A reader said she couldn’t comment.

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