Hillary Spins Another Lie

August/07/2016 10:37AM
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No, it wasn’t the continuation of the lie that James Comey, on national TV, said she was innocent of lying about secret documents in her personal server. Although, one wonders how the elite press corps can sit there and take that again. It was this one:

When asked about her experience with Latino’s, she said:

“You know, just as I responded to the question, my first experience working on behalf of Latinos was — well, actually, even before I was a legal services lawyer, through my church, I baby sat Latino kids on Saturdays while their parents and older siblings went to the fields outside of my home in Chicago, which used to be — hard to believe now, miles of farmland.
It was my first real lesson in how much more we all have in common. There I was, 11 or 12 years old, babysitting these little kids and at the end of the day the old ramshackle bus stopped at the end of the road and the parents and the older brothers and sisters got out and these little kids just broke loose and started running down that road with their arms outstretched calling for their mothers and their fathers and getting swept up in very tired arms.”

Her town, Park Ridge was hardly on the outskirts of the metro area when she was 12 years old. I heard this on the car radio and actually pulled into a parking lot I was laughing so hard. Why lie about this? If you are a compulsive liar, you can’t help yourself. You lie. Her husband is a sexual addict, his long-time mistress , Dolly Kyle, says in her new book, Bill says” he’s had sex with over 2,000 women.” Puts him 8,000 short of what Wilt Chamberlain claimed, but in the top-tier at least. How many lies has Hillary told, who knows?

Liars lie. Even about little things. But, more importantly, they seldom tell the truth. This is why she can’t have press conferences. And, when she does, it’s with pre-selected journalists and pre-screened questions. Otherwise, the lies will come and the Washington Post, of all papers, will give her four  Pinocchios  like they did with her Sunday lie about Comey.

What a great candidate she is.  What a great couple. What a wonderful example for the world. You say we don’t need to make America Great again, I say we do.

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