Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on an Airplane

July/05/2016 5:01AM
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bill, hillary, and lynch

Bill and Lynch talking golf and grandkids on a private plane on the tarmac in Phoenix. Just a friendly chat. You buying that? If you do, I have a deal for you.

brooklyn bridge


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bill and obama on golf course

Bill: “you said you would get Lynch to drop all the changes.”

Barack: “yeah, well, she says she wants something in return for doing that.”

Bill: “what the hell does that mean?”

Barack: ‘don’t play little Willie with me, Bill, you know exactly what it means. She don’t trust you or the witch you married, so you better get you ass with her and find out. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass if she indicted the both of you. I have Biden all primed and ready to step in. You know I hate your wife almost as much as you do, so I’m not involved. If you care , you’ve been told. Lynch, ASAP. Obama, gone.”

See, this is what I think of the cesspool the Clinton’s and Obama have turned this country into. Who’s worse, toss a coin. But, if you like being in the world of Chicago politics or even a banana republic like Venezuela, just keep putting this in office.


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