Paul Ryan is Judas Iscariot

June/19/2016 6:25AM
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If you ever worked for a large to medium-sized company or played on a sports team, you recognize the type. Looks like a choir boy and behaves like a saint. A real model citizen. Paul Ryan was voted biggest “suck up” in his high school class. Already qualified to be a career politician. Prom king his junior year. Soccer stud. No football, wrestling, lacrosse, or baseball for the pretty boy.

A man who is studied in style. No substance. He’s accomplished zero in 17 years in politics. Tried a big budget deal and got depicted by Obama pushing granny off a cliff. Got picked by Romney and helped lose a can’t lose election to Obama. Made the GOP establishment beg him to be the Speaker since he didn’t  want to put in the hours. Mr. Smooth, that’s Mr. Ryan. A so-called policy wonk. The kind of guy in Trump’s organization that’s considered middle management. Can be replaced in a day. Isn’t making any big decisions, just knows what line on the budget you look to find petty cash. He’s like petty cash.

But, like Judas, he knows where the big bucks are. He is very friendly with the lobbyists. He, like his GOP establishment friends, can tap into the mother lode of retirement plans. Tips on real estate deals, IPO’s that will skyrocket, and future deals. Hell, a golfer like Phil Mickelson has to pay the Feds back over a million on a stock deal, what would a weasel like Ryan have to pay back if they did a forensic audit on his 17 years? Now you have it. Motive. Everyone is asking, “what’s with this guy, Ryan”?

He’s that guy on your team with the same colored uniform who tackles you in the back. Always in the back.


He is the epitome of the source of Trump’s success. He does not have your best interests at heart, he has his first and foremost. His and his band of brothers. He is why we need term limits and will never get them. He is a Republican in name only. For a man who was literally begged to be speaker after he destroyed an election, he shows how bare the Republican cupboard really is. What has he done as Speaker? Helped Obama pass the trillion dollar Obama budget.

Trump is smart enough he will never let this Judas get close enough to kiss him.

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Comments (2)

  1. Wendy Coe says:

    So true. Great read. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sander Cohen says:

    It seems you were bang on about this, a true Judas.

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