Brexit: Power to the People

June/25/2016 7:43AM
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power to the people

An impact heard around the globe. The people of the UK have spoken. They have had enough. Enough what?

Little bureaucrats in Brussels deciding what British citizens want. Like little bureaucrats in DC deciding what Americans want. Brussels bureaucrats decided the UK wanted more Muslim immigrants and they were forced to take them by the rules of the EU. Americans have been told we need to do the same. Plus have a porous border to the south where millions come through to live at the public trough that is empty. Common sense prevailed in the UK and it will prevail here too. Minorities ruled in the UK. Described as Greeks, Italians, Swedes, etc. Minorities rule here. Described as those who want to use the wrong rest room or locker room, those who believe Orlando was a gun control problem, those who want to run up the $20 trillion debt, those who decide what is and isn’t politically correct.

Who are those minorities? First and foremost, the media. The same media who told the voters in the UK they had to stay in the EU. The BBC and London Times there and the networks and the NY Times here. Then the corrupt politicians who the voters in the UK now reject. The elitists who said anyone who wanted out was stupid. The celebrities who said the same. The same people who are telling you here that anyone who supports Trump is the same: stupid, politically incorrect, and out of sync with society. The media there blasted Brexit for months. The media here does the same with Trump. The Chicago Tribune is relentless. But, the Tribune gave us Chicago and Illinois, both broke and beyond repair.

The winds of change swept the UK and they blow here and in other countries in Europe. We’ve had enough. Enough bad ideas that don’t work. Enough politicians who don’t work. Enough of media who peddle bad ideas. Enough brainless celebrities who think we need to listen. Professors, climate scientists, career politicians, corrupt politicians, talking heads, and minorities who can’t get enough of everything.

In the UK the polls said Brexit would fail. In the US polls say Hillary will win. Now its said in the UK Pollsters don’t poll the true voters. Who are all those supporters who turn out at Trump rallies? Where are the supporters who don’t turn out at a Hillary rally?

The collective majority in the UK have common sense. They showed it at the polls. The collective majority in the USA have common sense. They will show it in November when our version of Brexit will prevail.

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