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May/24/2016 5:45AM
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Twitter can be fun, even for old dogs who want to try out material for their blogs. Here’s a few Tweets. Comment if you choose. My comments on each Tweet are at the top under the picture of me in the ball cap.

  1. During a January 1998 deposition in the Jones case, Bill denied, under oath, having “sexual relations” with Lewinsky

  2. brobert545 Retweeted Villi Wilson

    brobert545 added,

  3. They are parading the management before cameras to take heat for delays. What a bunch of losers.

  4. No threat to today. He was on the golf course practicing his ballet moves.

  5. names have been erased: Romney, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Reince Penis and the other asses who attacked Trump. Nice

  6. I heard from a good source there are 125 agents investigating the Clinton Foundation. For money laundering

  7. Hey Bubba people keep tweeting shit about cameltoes. Is this what they mean?

  8. restroom Hey Bubba, is this what they mean by a tranny in the restroom? the king dictate

  9. Times. A once proud publication now dedicated to electing an incompetent hag to further the destruction of USA

  10. we the people are like squirrels. The TSA is simply incompetent. Has been from day one. We put up with it.

  11. April 2016 Ratings: Fox News Wins Cable News . I’m fair and balanced and the stuff everyone tweets about Fox is BS

  12. York Times A newspaper for elitist liberals owned, managed, and staffed by liberals. Going broke quickly.

  13. When America is all done & gone, U’r gonna b thankful 4 that right?

    1. Obama Cronies Cash in on Puerto Rico Bailout – Breitbart via BreitbartNews. $24K per resident in borrowing.Paul Ryan

  14. Bernie’s wifeJane made $10MM in investments at the college where she was president. It’s broke and closed. Spend like Bernie.

  15. crisis. : definition: an elected body that will never do something for you like fix this, just do something to you.

  16. Here’s Congress and dealing with the crisis. Screw the airlines and travelers.

  17. Trump now leads Hillary in all polls. Remember those who said he would lose. Losers.

  18. Ain’t love grand. Bill and Coz share trade secrets. Bill meets an intern while Hillary watches, Dancing

  19. Here it is the establishment opposing . Career politicians who couldn’t run squat.

  20. most countries have privatized airport security and some US airports have. Why not all? The day they unionized the Democrats can’t move

  21. OK jerks the TSA has created 4 hr. lines for your constituents. Get off your asses and fix it.

  22. party we put them in charge in the senate and the house. The awful bunch of incompetents can’t resolve the TSA 4 hr. lines

  23. This week she confesses how her presidency will work

  24. What is really causing economic issues in the US? Who killed manufacturing? Climate change, unions, media

  25. incompetence How much shit are you willing to take? TSA lines, groping you junk, 2 hour waits atSS DMV?

  26. Do you tire of Democratic dogma. Like America has always been welcoming. We have to have immigration

  27. I guess core principles have zero interest in TSA lines and incompetence. Republican majority?

  28. They stay because the pay is too good. Not the salary, but the chief ways they increase net worth.

  29. Ryan where is the GOP majority with the TSA showing this government can’t run squat. Common principles Ryan?

  30. the air traffic controllers tried to screw air travel and Reagan fired them the TSA is doing it now Obama golfs

  31. Reince on his first day on the job at the checkin desk at a Trump hotel.

  32. politics at its best. Now the country can circle the drain with Chicago. Pun intended.

    1. Bush backs transfer of ports to Dubai firm – Security. When George W Bush fails to endorse ,keep this in mind

  33. has done wonders for businesses paying minimum wages.He sends them college grads with $100k in loans.

  34. and would make it easier for them to enter the USA Than u to get on an airplane

  35. It’s May 15th 2016 and is still a Sniveling little Biotch just like his Failure Daddy !

  36. Trump says this and the libs go crazy.. but back then they were 2 busy growing beards and burning bras to notice…

  37. Seems like only yesterday when the disgraced President was impeached. For lying, of course. Family trait

  38. Obama is shutting down good jobs with jobs are minimum wage. Nosmokeblown . com

  39. Arizona wants the illegals stopped and their trash gone. Blame them? McCain, the anti-Trump watches

  40. one has a rabies shot and is not a Native American The 2ndneeds rabies shot and owns IBM stock dumb

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Comments (2)

  1. Charlotte says:

    Laughing very hard at your tweets!! Thank you for making my lunch hour today quite entertaining.

    Love your blog. KEEP IT UP!!! You are awesome!

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    I loved the “only Borders closed ” one. Sadly Borders closed in my town, sat vacant a while, became an upscale restaurant. Guess it’s better to keep em fat and dumb than having the possibility they might read something and form a non-politically correct original thought. The average democratic voter can’t afford the prices at the place.

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