Trump Wins Despite Media

May/30/2016 8:12AM
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So far, the 2016 election is looking a lot like the one that came before it …

This from Business Insider. While polls show Trump is leading or even with Clinton, the media will find a way to spin it differently. Right up to election day. See, if you want something bad enough you will do everything possible to try to achieve that end. There is no integrity left in journalism today so nothing to protect. The public recognizes the media for what it is, a bunch of left-wing lug nuts who want to see America be like them. So, the media will ignore the facts. Facts like:

average familyThe public, unlike the media, does care about the future. This problem will be a major issue in the campaign. Hillary represents the tax and spend policies of Obama and the more she tries to separate herself from that, the more the far-left voter decides to stay home.  And, this:

gretaThe public gets it. We see the media for what it really is, an extension of Hillary’s campaign war chest.

And this:

economic growth

Economic growth is tepid at best. The public knows that. They experience it and know the media is trying to make it look better.

kids living at homeRecord numbers of young people are still living at home. There are no good paying jobs and many have college loans they struggle to pay.

The immigration issue is big. Trump wants to stop letting Syrians in until we get our act together on background checks. Hillary says we are a country of immigrants. A hundred years ago they were coming through the front door and no with any intent to kill as many of us as possible. We voters know that we can’t keep importing illegals to live at the public trough since it’s empty and terrorist immigrants when the same organization that runs the TSA is vetting them.

The media can overlook an Inspector General who says Hillary lied. She used a private server for government business and put secrets on that server that was easily hacked. Martha Stewart did time for lying to the Feds over insider trading. The Democrats have a serious problem on their hands and she may not make it to November despite the media’s help.

But, here’s where the media really gets it wrong.

Catherine JohnsonIt’s not the typical GOP voter who is supporting Trump. It’s young people like Catherine, it’s blacks, it’s Latino’s, it’s working people who aren’t working, it’s blue collar, it’s Democrats who hate Hillary and Bill, and it’s Bernie people who don’t like how he’s treated by Hillary and the party..

This election changes everything. The Democrats have tried to work both sides of the streets on the same issue. This is the classic example.

$10 gasolineYou can’t appeal to the hard core Hollywood hypocrite who wants hydrocarbons to go away except for their private jets and 10 residences and still get the working vote and the poor vote. The public has enjoyed the benefits of cheap gasoline and lower heating bills and when Hillary says she will stop fracking and end the energy dividend she is going to get blasted by Trump. Trump is not Mitt Romney, the guy who could take a punch but not throw one. Trump will find a way to get these issues out despite the media.

So, if you are a Trump supporter you will be told by the media that he can’t win. Right up to and through election day. But, they will be wrong. There is no penalty in the media business for being wrong. Journalists are in that group with zero accountability. Like union workers who work for governments, like teachers and professors, like scientists who predict weather 10 years out, and like politicians who are protected by media.


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