Another Billionaire who May Run for President in the Future

May/02/2016 5:50AM
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I’m never been a big Mark Cuban fan, but this interview changed my perspective. I am a student of the markets and an investor who has found money managers, wealth managers, investment advisors, and the like to be basically useless.

I have written several blogs on this subject. I have hired and fired no less than 6 over the years because they can’t beat the indexes. Almost none do. Just put together a little pie chart like they do with the various investment options : large cap, mid cap, small cap, emerging markets, etc. and weight them the same way you would with the money manager and buy the best performing ETF’s for each category. You will out-perform any one you can hire to buy investments for you. Here’s a little lesson. If you have 16 minutes listen to this interview with Mr. Cuban. He is a multi-billionaire for a reason. He thinks differently than you and I and your hired investor. He invests differently. He is an active investor who does the homework. We are passive and so are our investors. They get institutional advice and invest accordingly.

Cuban was asked if he would consider running as Trump’s VP and he said he would. That would be an interesting ticket. Mid to large sized cities decided years ago they couldn’t rely on a mayor to run the show. They hired a city manager to run the city and the mayor becomes a political figurehead. With two successful billionaires running this country how could we go wrong? Well, we could hire a lying-assed, incompetent ex-first lady who has never run anything just to have another check in the diversity column.

Watch this, you will learn a lot and may make some changes in how you invest your hard-earned assets.




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