Obama Selling Climate Change to the World

November/29/2015 19:34PM
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The Nobel Peace Prize winning president goes to Paris to sell his aggressive climate change agenda to the world. Trying to get the attendees to collect $100 billion to foster the carbon reduction goal he has set will be a hard sell for countries that have no money to give, including ours.

Harder still, since the science is not being confirmed in statistics. Temperatures are only up by 1/2 the projected increases over the past 35 years showing the so-called scientists and their models are flawed. The 0.5 degree C in that time frame may be a normal occurrence.  If this continues countries are likely to back-off the efforts to replace hydrocarbon power production and its resulting high-cost alternatives. Despite the billions spent on solar and wind, they only add up to 0.5% and 1% of world power production respectively.

Skeptical scientists are emerging to suggest the models are flawed and the rate of temperature increase may actually be beneficial since greater CO2 may foster crop production and keep forests better protected from droughts. The has been no increase in storms, floods, or droughts, despite media claims.

Facts show climate change is happening at a much slower rate that projected and alternative sources are far more expensive and harder to initiate than originally believed. With a billion people still off the grid for power in the world there is going to be more conventional power plants build than closed. The poorest of the poor are not going to be getting high-cost solar or wind power. It will be coal and natural gas.  Obama will not influence this one iota.

So, we Americans who were the envy of the world, send our resident idiot to Paris to sell a bad idea. He’s been wrong on every issues since day one so why not this one? The attendees will nod and humor the fool, but in the end they are going to take the wait-and-see approach as the evidence unfolds that the whole thing may be something conjured up by the scientific community and the United Nations for personal gain. Money has flowed like water to support research to try to confirm this. The United National wants the US to kick in money to poor countries for polluting their world, a sin tax. NASA is out of business, thanks to Obama, so this is their last big project. Who is really objective? You tell me.

This ultimately results in bigger government with the central government calling the shots. Like Obama closing coal-fired power plants with zero authority and no idea about where the replacement power is to be produced or the impact on the poorest Americans who can’t afford the power bills now.

Believe what you want and from whom you choose to get our facts. For me, it’s not Obama, the media, Hollywood, or the same scientists who banned DDT and killed thousands in Africa because a woman wrote a book. Then reversed that decision. Or the ones who just said fats and cholesterol are good.  Junk science is produced for profit and there al lot of so-called scientists who worship money. And, political hacks like Al Gore.

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