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October/25/2015 5:10AM
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Bill and Kunk


On October 22 my wife and I went to a Blackhawks hockey game. We scored some on the glass front-row seats. When the game started my wife asked me to change seats since the big guy on her right was leaning forward and she couldn’t see around him. I did and shortly thereafter the big guy and I struck up a conversation.  He was asking about the golf course on my hat. Turns out he’s a long-time caddy master  in the Chicago area and in the Chicago golf hall of fame for that work.  I recognized his name from a Chicago Tribune article last year. He was fighting cancer and the article was a tribute to him and all the young men he mentored on their first jobs and who had never forgotten him.

My granddaughter’s boyfriend works for him now and has for several years. He’s a sophomore in college and this man helped get him a scholarship. Seems he has a program for caddy’s at his club and members throw money in the pot and select who gets the help.

Can you  imagine the hundreds of young men and women this man has known over forty years. Very successful doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, politicians and business people? One of those was the announcer for the Blackhawks who knew Kunk was going to be there and that it was his birthday. He told me upfront, we may be on TV because Pat Foley said he was going to wish me a happy birthday on camera. Suddenly, both of our cell phones lit up. My kids knew were  at the game and were looking for us on TV.  We were on long enough during Kunk’s birthday tribute for family and friends to get several pictures of the two of us talking golf during a hockey game.

My granddaughter was texting about her boyfriend’s boss being on TV with me.

Kunk says he’s beating cancer. Lost his bladder, but not his spirit.

Can you imagine a better job? Better than coaching. He’s not teaching young people to play a sport, he’s teaching them how to get along with successful people for four hour stretches and how to be the best caddy at the club so you get the best loops and most tips. And, they get to play the course on Monday’s and hone their games. He said my granddaughter’s boyfriend will not have to worry about getting a job when he get’s out of college. Members always hire the good caddies.

Got a son or daughter who wants a job at age 14 or 15, send him or her to Kunk. He will teach them to get along with people, be humble, accept criticism, show up for work, work long hours with a heavy bag, get a scholarship and have a job offer after college.

Kunk knows most of Chicago and know I know Kunk. My new best friend.

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