Latest Series of Lectures by Professor Obama

October/07/2015 5:39AM
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The tragedy in Oregon caused the good professor to show anger in that lecture. He ticked off the other noteworthy tragedies and then reminded us that he, the professor, not the leader, had the answers, more gun control. Those who can, do, and those who can’t teach. Thank you professor for yet another knee-jerk, foolish, response to a terrible tragedy.

Of course, those of who are exposed to Chicago news wonder where the great professor is on the weekly tragedies that beset the black community here.

Col. Allen West reminds us of that.

“Consider that the death toll from just the last two weekends alone in Chicago is TEN TIMES that from yesterday’s tragic school shooting. To be sure, each and every life lost is a singular tragedy — whether in Chicago or in Roseburg. So why does our president seize on one but not the other?

Over the last four years, there have been no other back-to-back weekends with more than 50 shot, according to data collected by the Tribune. This past August, there were four straight weekends with more than 40 shot.

Chicago has seen at least 2,300 shootings so far this year, about 400 more than the same period last year and more than 500 over 2013, according to data compiled and analyzed by the Tribune. Through Monday morning, there were at least 370 homicide victims in Chicago, about 50 more than last year and about 30 more than 2013, the Tribune found.

The shooting trend in Chicago only continues to rise, and yet President Obama continues to ignore it. Certainly, what is largely black-on-black crime doesn’t fit Obama’s narrative. Instead, our Divider-in-Chief seizes on shootings at the hands of white men — such as yesterday’s in Oregon or the shooting of black men by white police officers in the line of duty.

President Obama chastised us yesterday for having become “numb” to tragic mass shootings that happened yesterday. Mr. President, perhaps you are numb to what is happening in your hometown of Chicago. Or, perhaps more likely, you just choose to ignore it — and hope the rest of us will as well — as it doesn’t suit your agenda. Either way, shame on you.”

Having solved the problem of mass shootings the professor holds a rare news conference. As a retired business executive I will say this. Never in my business experience did I witness anyone attempt to answer just 5 questions in 50 minutes and answer none. This was a true dog’s breakfast reminding me of the attempted justification of an employee being told they were getting dismissed. Long senseless diatribes trying to justify non-performance. What a sad situation.

Can’t wait until he becomes professor emeritus and starts building his multi-million dollar presidential library in the middle of the neighborhood where the Chicago violence is occurring. Let’s see , you say you are not a fan of Donald Trump. Would the Donald invest millions where people are dying as fast as they are in Syria?

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  1. Dick Kachur says:

    It is so to the point. Well done my friend. His obvious ignoring of his home town problems coupled with his diatribe on Oregon and the like are pointing to his desire to nationwide disarmament.

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