Benghazi Hearings

October/23/2015 7:35AM
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One conclusion.  I have no clue what Hillary Clinton did and didn’t do regarding the raid. I just know this. We saw why our government can’t get anything done.  We have far too many attorneys in office. Attorneys can’t get anything done. Trials last forever. A question would be asked and Ms. Clinton, or Madame Secretary would make a speech.

In the business world if you are making a presentation to an executive committee and a question is asked, the answer better be crisp and brief. No speeches. With Trump if he calls someone in to tell him why the Phoenix VA is still broken with veterans mistreated, there won’t be speeches.  Bob McDonald will be fired as he should have never been hired.

Attorneys are like doctors they can’t even run their own offices. Where else other than their offices do patients and clients wait for appointments? Right, government offices.

Here’s what I learned we got for our $4 million in the Benghazi investigation. Trey Gowdy is a great trial attorney and he should go back to doing that. The investigation unearthed Hillary’s e-mail mess and she should be indicted. The administration and the democrats stonewalled everything and they must suspect there is a reason for doing that. Sedated, Ms. Clinton can keep her temper for prolonged periods of time. Bill is getting a prescription as we speak.

Term limits are the answer. Half that room would be doing honest work as thieving lobbyists if we had them. And, let’s start electing farmers, carpenters, firemen, and businessmen to public office. No more attorneys.

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