What did $25 Million in Taxpayer Dollars Buy Jimenez?

August/30/2015 6:19AM
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Convicted of murder at age 13, Thaddeus “TJ” Jimenez had already been arrested 22 times.

jimenez at 13

He was convicted of shooting a 19 year old gang rival in 1993.  The conviction, overturned in 2009, led to him receiving a $25 million dollar wrongful conviction award from the city of Chicago. Thanks to the Northwestern University’s Center on wrongful Convictions, he got the $25 million in 2012. Since getting out of prison in 2009 he has been arrested seven times and served  much of that time in jail.



The $25 million has given Jimenez, now 35 yrs. old,  homes in Chicago and the suburbs. He has 14 cars in his name, including two Lamborghines, a Bentley convertabile and other expensive cars. Reportedly, he is paying kids to join his gang. As much as $10K.

Sitting in his ride, this Lamborghini Gallardo, a cop smelled pot. He was busted again. Other charges since the payoff have been: 2010 felony drug possession, in May 2012 cocaine possession, he violated probation and got another year tacked on the sentence, drunk driving in November 2013 with serious injuries to a female passenger,  threatening a cop, and so on.

jimenez ride

Judges have been lenient with him considering his incarnation as a youth and being virtually raised in prison.

How will this story end? One can only hope for the best but it is obvious that the money did not convert Mr. Jimenez into a solid citizen.

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