Michael Brown Tributes by the Media

August/10/2015 6:45AM
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The local and network news have been running tributes to Michael Brown for two days now on the anniversary of his shooting. Every local new program and every network news station should be so proud. They got it fired up again in Ferguson. There was gunfire and someone may die. Such good work. e

I have a suggestion for the media and their continuing interest in a story they created.

Today marks the first anniversary of the day we, the media in America succeeded in destroying a town, Ferguson, Missouri. We took the word of people who supposedly witnessed an unjust shooting by a police officer and without a bit of journalistic investigation made it the lead story for days until the riots started and half of the town was burned and people were injured.  When the subsequent investigations were conducted that we should have done and the police officer was found to be not guilty since Mr. Brown was trying to get his gun and he was defending himself, we chose not to make that a big story.

See, we create news, we don’t report news. We cause problems and then we fade into the sunset to let others deal with our mischief.

We, the media, are an embarrassment to America. We should be subject to criminal charges for some of our work.  And, we have no shame or feel no need to be repentant or apologize for our yellow journalism.  We are looking for a Pulitzer Prize and not the truth. Fire is always a story and if we can create fire, we get a double bonus.

If we had the least bit of shame there would not be annual reminders of Michael Brown and what we did to Ferguson. But, you see, there is no shame in our work.  We are left-wing liberal sleazeballs  and we run the country. That’s our job, not to seek the truth.  If it fits our version of the truth, we report that version.

To prove to all of you that we run the show, we did it again. More rioting, more gun fire, more violence. We may do it every year in Ferguson.

If you don’t like it turn us off. Oh, I guess you already know that since our ratings go down every year.

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