Fix the Food Stamp Problem

July/09/2015 5:57AM
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It’s another step on the way to Greece. Obama has expanded the food stamp program 70% since he took office in 2009 with a record 50 million Americans on the program.

One state, Maine, found a way to cut the food stamp population. The number of food stamp recipients in the state was 12,000. then the governor, Paul R. LePage, a Republican, imposed a requirement that recipients work at least 6 hours a week in a volunteer program.  Guess what, the number receiving food stamps dropped to 2,530. Where did they go ? To the food pantries. Rather than put in a rigorous 6 hour week as a volunteer, they opted to drop out of the stamp program.

The governor calls this group the Abawds-able- bodied adults without minor dependents.  Unless they work 20 hours per week, take state job-training courses, or volunteer for the six hours a week, they get a three month limit on food stamps every three years.

Let’s see, if a president who cared about the $18 trillion plus debt and this country becoming Greece, initiated the same plan at the national level  it would cut the national program from 50 million to 10 million. Plus all those volunteer hours would be beneficial to the country.  The 10 million who weren’t too lazy to volunteer 6 hours a week could do a lot of good around the country.

If the intent is to increase the numbers of voters on the program, not eliminate the cost, then that’s a bad idea.

If we want to leave a decent country for our kids and grandkids, this is the type of thing we need to consider.

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