What Do Martha Stewart, Dennis Hastart, and Bill Clinton Have in Common?

June/05/2015 5:44AM
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One did time. Poor Martha lied to the Feds about insider trading and went to prison. It wasn’t the issue about the stock trading that put her there, it was lying to the Feds that did. Rule of thumb in this country, if you lie to the Feds and get caught, you go to jail.

One will do time. Dennis Hastert will go to jail. Probably not for the reason he should go to jail, pedophilia, but for lying to the Feds. As will his extortionist, the victim of his crime who extorted over a million dollars from Denny. But, rest assured it isn’t just one victim. More will come forth. Sexual deviants don’t stop at one.  They move on and abuse more until something like this happens. Dennis should go to jail for the millions he has amassed at the expense of his supporters, but he won’t be put away for that. He won’t be put away for abusing minors either. He will go to jail for lying to the Feds, right Martha?

One should do time. He’s been a sexual deviant all his life. He’s skated. He lied to the Feds, just not under oath. He lied to the world. He has piled his victims high and deep. Many have come forth, but it doesn’t matter. The country has a double standard and Denny Hastert knew that all too well. Had Denny abused women, had affairs, had children out-of-wedlock, he would not have paid an extortionist one penny. But, child abuse is the one that the country does not accept. So, Denny paid and Denny lied and Denny will get to room with Rod Blagojevich in a minimum security prison until death.

Bill Clinton will continue to be revered and will probably become First Man, the first, First Man since Adam. Paula Jones can tell us how he exposed himself to her and others will recount similar stories, but who cares? Is this a great country , or what?

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