South Carolina Tragedy

June/22/2015 5:22AM
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Ten people were shot in Chicago the same night as the Charleston church tragedy and it wasn’t news, it was just a normal night in the city. Most of the crime in California is committed by illegal alien gang members. Violence is all around us and we keep trying to articulate easy solutions to the problems. The president said “in advanced countries with strict gun laws these kinds of violence don’t happen. ” So to the president it’s “just give us all your guns and we, the government, will protect you”. Social media were all over that. Norway, to me, an advanced country, had the worst mass shooting in history. Wow, another whopper from the president.

Jon Stewart gave a 5 minute monologue about his thoughts. It boiled down to racial hatred using streets in SC with the names of Confederate generals  and the Confederate flag flying over the state capitol. He said if it had been a terrorist who committed this act, it would have been a different story. Not one solution mentioned in his talk.

Many are seeking scapegoats in those who didn’t turn the perp in when he was ranting about his racial hatred and potential threats.

None has mentioned the violence spewing from Hollywood, the president’s best friends these days, right Jon Stewart? Films, games, and TV shows with blood flowing like rivers.

Some have said that if the people in the church, or even one of them, was packing, this would have been less of a tragedy.

When something like this happens, we seem to get a lot of opinions from all sources who can render an opinion, like a blog.

Sorry, I have none. But, I worry that those at the top make less sense than some others.

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