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June/17/2015 5:25AM
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Nevada is giving it a go. The governor signed into law a program that will give 453,000 public school kids a choice of schools.

Low income students will get $5,700 a year. That goes down as family income goes up. The money goes into an educational savings account. The money can go for tuition, textbooks,tutoring, or fees for on-line courses. Money carries over from year-to-year. To qualify, the student must have spent 100 days in the public school system. Private schools and home schooling experience doesn’t qualify.

But, the money can be used for private schools. The idea is to get expansion of the private school system in the state.

Here’s deal. Public schools that spend money inefficiently, don’t produce acceptable test scores, make excuses for inept teachers and their union protection will lose students. Lot’s of students.

Private schools that perform at prices that match state monies will grow like weeds. Public schools will be forced to get competitive or go away. My guess, they will go away. They are incapable of competing. Too many years of being the only game in town.

In ten years in Nevada there will be no public schools in Nevada.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Hi, glad you are back. I missed your wit and was concerned with the abrupt message. Being an IT guy I suspected that, or something more sad. “Glad” it was just a hack.

  2. bill says:

    Nice to see you back as well Doug. Always enjoy your comments. Bill

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