Baltimore Self-Destructing

May/30/2015 5:29AM
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The media, the city, the state, Reverend Al, all put cops on notice in Baltimore. Message: Don’t screw up. If you make a mistake, you will go to jail with your 6 buddies. Just what Baltimore needed.

The City of Baltimore is just a few short steps from being Detroit. They have followed the recipe to perfection. Democratic politicians have run the city for decades. The federal government has poured billions into the city. The city is broke. Unions have pirated what the politicians didn’t steal.  Vacant buildings now comprise far too much of the city.  Crime is rampant.

The final straw, a riot, just like Detroit had in 1969.

Here’s what has transpired long after Reverend Al, the cameras, and the blow hard politicians have left the scene.

In just 72 hours over Memorial weekend 29 people were shot and 7 died. The worst month since 1999 is now May, 2015.

There are 108 homicides this year, up 40% from last year.

When the cops pull up to a shooting 40-50 blacks surround the cops. Arrests are down. Cops are done.

You reap what you sow, and Baltimore has told the black citizens of Baltimore, criminals come first, cops come later. That’s what they are getting.

Next there will be an exodus of solid citizens and businesses out of Baltimore. There will be more vacant properties. Cops will quit and go elsewhere to work. Response time to 911 calls will lengthen. More crime, more shootings, more deaths.

Remember Ferguson, Missouri? The problem was determined to be a lack of diversity in government, remember? Well, there wasn’t really a problem with the Michael Brown shooting, just one created by an over-zealous media and Reverend Al.

Anyway, here’s the percentages for Baltimore: For 50 years democrats have run Baltimore. The population is 68% black, fire department 58%, school district is 86%, teachers are 72%, city council 90%, the mayor and city attorney and chief of police are all black,, 54% are on welfare. And, 21% of the jobs in the city are government jobs with the majority of those employees being African American. So you have it. A city of very poor people run by democrats and blacks for 50 years. It’s not a diversity issue, it’s a cultural issue. No fathers and no parenting and schools that can’t educate the kids because of the violence in the schools. Folks, this is Detroit 15 years ago.

Ms Mayor, Ms. Attorney General, and all you do-gooder politicians in Baltimore, move on too. You don’t want to live in the jungle you have created.

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