Politics: Hire the Same Incompetents Over and Over Again

April/03/2015 5:19AM
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First she was a governor and she almost bankrupted a state. Then the Director of Homeland Security and she blew billions for equipment that was never used. Almost had a plane blow up on a runway in Detroit with the underwear  bomber, sent letters out to law enforcement offices all over the country warning that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan were potential terrorists, and had near insurrection in the department due to people problems. Hardly a great resume for a big new job.

But, we are the land of diversity and she is a woman. And, where else is that more important than California? So, Janet Napolitano took over the University of California system. All the university of California schools in the state. What does she do? You guessed it, blew the budget, just like she did in Arizona as governor and as Director of Homeland Security, started spending more than the system could afford. The result, tuition increases. Up to 5% a year for the next 5 years.

Even California students didn’t like this, so they protested. Pissed Janet off to the max. She was heard over an open microphone saying, ” we don’t have to listen to this crap”. Really, Janet, you don’t have to listen to young people who are tired of your leadership tell you that they want a change?

And, so it goes. Janet apologizes and all is well with the world of California state universities. Janet can screw up not just one university, like most presidents, she gets to screw up seven and tell anyone who objects that she doesn’t have to listen to their crap.

Purdue gets a governor who balanced a state budget for their president, Mitch Daniels, and he freezes tuition for five years, and California gets Janet and she announces she will increase tuition at seven schools each year for the next five by 5% a year.

Someone made a good hiring decision and someone made a California hiring decision. Those poor students and their “crap”. The crap is Janet and the people who hired her.

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