Interviewing for a Job Opening

April/24/2015 6:02AM
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There is a big job opening come January of 2017. We, you and me, have to decide who takes that job. The way it works, we select one each from the two main “parties” and then choose between the two. Most Americans are loyal to a party so really about 70% of us are already decided when we pick the party candidate.

This time there may be as many as 16 candidates to pick from in the one party and in the other party it appears that one is all you get.

I filled a lot of jobs in my career in the private sector. In my last position we were moving to brand marketing and were filling many of the new jobs with outside candidates who had experience with brand marketing. Remember how Romney described his job selection process in his private equity company, the description that hurt his election chances? I would get books of resumes of potential candidates. I would screen them down to a dozen and then I would interview that dozen. These were mostly female candidates, since we were trying to improve our poor diversity percentages by using this opportunity to hire more females in management positions. Never once did I look at the books and say, “oh, this candidate is definitely entitled”.  For even a job at that level you needed to put a large number of qualified candidates in the selection equation and screen down to find the best candidate.

So, when you, your neighbors, the ever-popular media, or anyone says the Republican selection process this year is a mess and they need to get a prime candidate and not run through the primaries with so many options, don’t listen. The Republicans are doing it the best way to give the public the chance to take a good long look at the prospects. We, the people, will pick the best and hopefully that will result in a good choice. Even the manager at the local burger joint will follow a similar process.

In small and medium-sized businesses it doesn’t always work that way. The saying goes like this: ” the first generation starts it, the second generation grows it, and the third generation blows it”. I saw it time after time again with our dealers and jobbers. Look at Prince Charles, would you hire him to do anything with his resume?  What’s the difference between a chinless gentleman who never held a real job and a former first lady whose credentials are the short stay as a senator who voted for the Iraq war and then ran from it, then served as Secretary of State under a president with the worst foreign policy in my lifetime, and who is being questioned by a special congressional committee for her decisions in an embassy debacle and seems to feel it doesn’t matter. A person for whom truthfulness seems to come hard.

I think this will not go well for the Democrats. Seems they are in the trick bag and the tricksters are the Clinton’s as usual.

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