Hillary Clinton’s Scandal in Terms Even I Can Understand

April/30/2015 5:02AM
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If it isn’t a sound bite today no one listens. Complex scandals are too much unless it involves a Hollywood star.

Here’s my sound bite. Hillary was involved in brokering a deal that turned over 1/5 of our precious uranium production to the Russians on a long-term contract. Uranium, like the stuff that is used in nuclear bombs. It could grow to 50% over time.

Immediately thereafter, Billy gets a $500K speaking gig in Moscow. Then the Clinton’s get a $2 million donation to their so-called foundation. But, they don’t report the donation. Some Canadian reporter finds the transaction. Then, and only then, does it get reported. Along with several other amended tax filings for said foundation.

So the Russians can now re-sell our precious uranium to the Iranians for a profit that more than covers the pittance they gave the Clinton’s.

How do you feel about this deal, Israel?

This is just one deal that has been discovered that the traveling salesman, Ms. Secretary of State, was peddling as she traveled the world. So many countries, so much money to reel in, so little time. When this breaks she resigns from the board of the family foundation.

Go ahead, vote for this despicable person, demonstrate your ignorance once again when it comes to this family. Just remember, if you don’t believe the money issues, who would ever broker a deal to give our uranium to Russia?

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