When the Mouth Writes Checks the Ass Can’t Cash

January/16/2015 5:58AM
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I remember watching my first schoolyard fight in elementary school. Mostly just an awkward wrestling match. One kid was a little stronger and the other called uncle. I asked an older kid standing next to me what started the fight. His response, “the loser let his mouth write a check his ass can’t cash.” It wasn’t the last time I saw a repeat of the same scene. Some kids were slow learners. They seemed to spend a lot of time in the dirt calling uncle.

As our president makes a new campaign swing around the country touting his great new ways to spend money we don’t have to spend, I think back on those slow learners. In the case of Obama, it’s not a thumping in the school yard, it’s a thumping in approval ratings. The country has realized he’s like a mouthy kid who has no sense and can’t fight a lick, but keeps on running his mouth. The latest Gallup Poll shows the Democratic Party approval rating at 38%, the lowest in the history of polling. Keep running the mouth, Mr. President.

His newest running of the mouth. Two years free tuition at community colleges for all. In Arizona, his second stop on the” give things away” tour, the math was done. Obama says Washington will pay for most of the tuition cost. Arizona is a billion in the red. Politicians in Arizona must be smarter than those in the White House, since the majority responded with the same conclusion. . The state can’t afford this idea. But, the man with the mouth writing checks the ass can’t cash, ignores the $17 trillion the country is debt, and just keeps trying to write checks. He’s not the one in the dirt yelling uncle, it’s the Democratic party he’s killing.

In the schoolyard, the mouthy kids finally got enough. In the White House, this president will never learn. He will keep it up until he insures the Democratic party pays such a big price they will wish for Jimmy Carter to return. Back then they thought it could never get worse. Guess what, it has.

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