Like Dealing with the DMV–Try it California Style

January/19/2015 5:38AM
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Effective January 1, 2015, illegals in California can get a driver’s license. In the first week of 2015 they were clogged with 100,000 new applicants. They plan to issue a million illegal licenses in the next three years. This is clogging the DMV offices all over the state. You can try to get an appointment at a DMV. But, those with appointments are waiting a minimum of two hours to get to the front of the line. Without an appointment, all day. Kids getting their first license are just basically screwed. A full day, just to get that license if they are lucky. Parking lots full, lines snaking out the door and around the block. Offices closing at 4:30 with dozens of people still in line that have been there all day. The DMV has opened 4 new offices and hired 900 more new employees. Extended Saturday hours by appointment for all new driver’s license applicants at some 60 offices. Extended up to 90 days the prior 45-day window for an appointment. Before this an applicant waited an average of 7 minutes with an appointment and 45 minutes without one. So, it’s coming to a DMV near you. You are an American citizen, but a second-class citizen to an illegal alien. Your wait to get a license renewed will be  hours because your DMV needs to hand out licenses to folks who are here illegally and most of whom can’t speak English. This is so your Democratic party friends can register a few million new loyal voters. You will be told this is good for you. Those illegals will now be qualified to drive and have proof of insurance. Really, did they get the insurance without the license or do they take the license around the corner and buy the insurance?

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Just another example of what you give up to help your Democratic politicians gain votes to stay in office. It’s not just the lines, it’s the added expense to man the DMV offices to accommodate the influx of illegals. It’s the process of testing in two languages. It’s the high number of test failures and re-tests. Every one driving in and driving out with or without that license or insurance.

The French got a taste of what the price might be to accommodate immigrants who refuse to assimilate into the culture. This is just another example of the price in freedom and time we are being asked to pay to accommodate people who come here illegally. Meanwhile, while you are reading this another few hundred jumped over the border.

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Comments (2)

  1. bill says:

    I just heard from a friend in CA who has a license expiring in 30 days. His age requires a driving test and written test. He can’t get an appointment within the 30 days. He’s a second-class citizen who pays a lot in taxes so those who pay none can get licenses.

  2. JR says:

    I gave up on California, retired and took my tax paying dollars to another state. I’m AMAZED how much farther my money can go. The grass IS greener on the other side!

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