The Grinch Didn’t Steal Christmas in a Maryland Schoool

December/02/2014 5:46AM
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When is too far, too far? How much crap are you willing to take and who are you willing to take crap from?

Will you give up Christmas vacation in your school for Muslims? Maybe your son or daughter fought Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan. Certainly your tax dollars funded those fights. Your economic situation suffered here since we have invested so much in two wars in those countries.


I have a better way for these Muslims in Maryland to spend their time. Protest against your radical brethren who keep telling us they are coming here to kill us. It would be refreshing for me to once hear one of you speak out or carry a sign or have one of your young people who don’t like not having your holiday represented in our schools tell us how embarrassing it is to see fellow Muslims threaten our country or kill our soldiers or behead people in the workplace. If that’s too much to ask, move back to Iran.

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