Having it Both Ways

December/31/2014 5:29AM
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Mayor de Blasio of NYC ran on a campaign of no stop and frisk. He ran against the former police commissioner who put the action in place with the two previous mayors. Basically, the premise was that a large percentage of crime in NYC occurred in certain neighborhoods. If police in those high-crime neighborhoods confronted suspicious individuals and checked them for weapons, crime would go down. .  Crime was reduced in those neighborhoods and the people in the neighborhoods benefited from less crime. Chicago never adopted the idea and over this last Christmas weekend there were 24 shootings in less than 24 hours.  That decision plus other comments and a strong relationship with Reverend Al Sharpton has resulted in the de Blasio problems with the NYC police department. It culminated in the two officers being shot in the squad car.    It remains to be seem if the cessation of the previous stop and frisk program in high-crime neighborhoods was a good idea or not.

Meanwhile in Chicago, a city that gets nothing right when it comes to crime, had an incident. Chris Anderson was killed after being transported to the emergency room after a traffic accident. His cousin was driving and charged with DUI.  His daughter was being treated for a head wound when he became belligerent. Highland Park police officers were called when he wouldn’t calm down. He, like his cousin, the driver, was also intoxicated. When nurses asked him to change into a gown for evaluation, he pulled a gun. Video shows nurses, doctors, and police scattering from the private room where he was being treated.  One nurse is on the floor making a phone call. After he refused to comply, despite repeated requests, he was shot nice times in less than two seconds.

His cousin asked “when did it come to the point where they had to shoot him”?  It is unfair to say the point came when he first pointed the gun at the police officers?

Now, here is the family’s position. If the cops had frisked Mr. Anderson at the scene of the accident they would have discovered the gun and nothing would have happened.

So, it’s stop and frisk as a requirement at an accident and that isn’t  racial profiling,  but no stop and frisk if a suspected drug dealer who looks like he is carrying on the mean streets of NYC is seen by the police.

Basically, it’s all Monday morning quarterbacking by people who don’t like the outcome of a police shooting. Simple as that.








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