Did I Get It Right in 2008?

November/11/2014 5:27AM
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This is the February 5, 2008 entry from my original blog: http://billrobertson.squarespace.com/. You can go there and see it in the original form. Just type in style in the RSS box at the top and it will take you to the site.   It was easy for a seasoned business executive to see into the Obama future. Now you have it, six years later almost as predicted.

Should Style Trump Substance?

We had eight years of Bill Clinton with style and no substance. We had eight years of George W. Bush with neither style nor substance. He mumbled and stumbled every time he needed to speak. He never got better. He did Dad’s bidding and finished the job Dad left undone in Iraq. That’s it. No more. He hadn’t insulted us enough, so he tried to lease key ports to Dubai then fired Rumsfield the day after he turned the house and senate over to the Democrats. He increased the size of government raised the deficit and destroyed the dollar. Wow George, that’s quite a job. Wait, on the way out let’s wreck the economy.
Now we have a love affair with Obama. Is it no wonder? The man can speak, he can answer questions,and he can look smooth in the process. This is another credit we can give W. We are so desperate as a county to have someone we can be proud of as president, we don’t even care about experience, credibility, platform, or anything else that pertains to substance. We are willing to put a socialist in as president if he makes good speeches.
Thanks to George, today I believe style does trump substance. We will elect Obama, then try to survive four years while government grows, taxes increase, health care is socialized, business is taxed for the good of illegal aliens, and all those wonderful dreams we had while intoxicated by Obama’s charm are shattered as we see how really ill prepared he is for the job.
I was part of an organization where style trumped substance. It’s gone. A $40 Billion dollar company, gone. All senior people were clones of the main man. None had ever gotten results, just looked good trying. Diversity was more important than meeting profit goals. Excuses were well explained. It’s what happens when glib is God. Better strap it down, the USA may be headed for another four years of not getting anything done.
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Comments (2)

  1. Jeff M says:

    Clearly, you were totally wrong.

    Federal spending has gone down, as a percent of GDP, every year Obama has been President.

    Taxes have been cut, not raised.

    Health care has not been socialized, but been extended to millions that were previously uninsured via marketplaces that connect individuals to private health insurance providers.

    I’m not even sure what you meant by “business is taxed for the good of illegal aliens”. But the flow of illegal aliens has slowed to a trickle during the Obama Administration and they have angered some in their base by deporting more people than any Administration in history.

    During the Bush (W) Administration, the US economy LOST almost half a million jobs. During the Obama Administration, the US economy GAINED all those back, plus more than 5 million more.

    And I’m sure you were the only virtuous worker-bee in the entire $40 billion company that’s now gone. Don’t pull a muscle!

    Get your head out of the sand.

  2. bill says:

    I always wondered who jumped in line first at Jamestown to drink the first glass of Kool-Ade. Thanks for solving that problem for me.

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