A True American Hero

November/26/2014 5:55AM
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robert o'neill


Robert O’Neill is the Navy Seal who shot bin Laden. I find it very interesting that he has come under criticism by some. Some in  the military, but mostly media types.

It’s OK for a gloating president to spike the ball numerous times for something he only authorized, but not OK for the man who put his life on the line to tell us how it went down. We can see the picture of Obama and Hillary sitting in the war room mouths agape watching this man and his seal team pull off the impossible, but its wrong to hear him describe how it unfolded.

It’s OK for Obama to invite his Hollywood friends in to give them all the classified information they need  to make a movie, but not for Robert to discuss what was  in the movie, since it’s classified.

Mr. O’Neill has president George W. Bush’s words tattooed on his arm. He did this after the mission but he used those words to count down to the mission. I doubt that any military man will ever have any words from Obama tatt0eed anywhere. Bush’s words on the arm are: “Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended.” He said he was repeating this over and over again as the chopper approached the compound. You see, Bush is still admired by the likes of Rob O’Neill, and the present commander-in-chief has little respect. There are no quotes from Obama appropriate for military arms. Despite uttering  more words than any president in history. A man not quotable. Empty words that answer simple questions with lengthy non-answers.

This country sorely needs heroes like Rob O’Neill right now. We have the likes of a Kardashian showing her big ass everywhere and Pelosi lying her ass off. I would like to hope my grandkids would see Mr. O’Neill as someone they could look up to and see him as the type of person who is important to them.

All of you who feel disposed to criticize this man for his coming forth to tell his story, to each and every one of you, I say, go to hell.

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Comments (2)

  1. Jim MacMurdo says:

    What I find offensive is the major media purporting something is newsworthy only when it fits their agenda. Their narcissism is exceeded solely by the current White House occupant or more properly known as the blowhard-in-chief.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    I watched his story last night again on Fox, my third time, I cannot get tired of it.

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