Secret Service Problem-Sympthom of a Bigger Problem

October/07/2014 5:49AM
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white house security system


Do you get the idea that the picture(above) represents the Obama version of the White House security system?

Have you been to a high-end restaurant where you knew it would fail and soon? The owner/manager was not present or was sitting at the bar. It wasn’t as clean as it should be. The wait staff was poorly trained and seemed indifferent to their work. The service reflected that. The food was marginal and the prices didn’t reflect the food quality. Then it was closed. It sat idle for a while, then re-opened under a new owner.

You walk in and the owner greets you at the door. Introduces herself and welcomes you. Everything is perfect. You tell them you will be back. The point, it all starts at the top.

What person in their right mind would name a marginally competent person to head the group that has the primary job of protecting you and your family? Our president did.  We saw it all coming. The prostitutes, the agents passing out in hallways, the bullet holes in the White House, the fake interpreter at the Mandela funeral, and now, we find, a man with a gun and a criminal record in an elevator with the president Just the two of you.  At what point do you, the president, say this is not working? You don’t, not until a nut jumps the fence and gets inside your unprotected house and is tackled by an off-duty employee.

Is this the software problem for ObamaCare all over again? The guy at the top is at the bar or on the golf course and the employees sense the indifference and quit doing their jobs in a professional manner.

Want something to really worry about. The Center for Disease Control has had several Secret Service-type screw-ups in the past few years. Things that should worry us all. The indifferent manager we hired for four more years tells us that we needn’t worry, Ebola is not coming to our shores. And, here it is, in Texas. No problem, the CDC has a handle on this. Remember, ISIS was the junior varsity. If ISIS is the JV, then what is the White House, Pee Wee football? Oh, by the way, Obama was at the CDC when he was in the elevator with the man with the gun.

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