I Can’t Captcha

October/27/2014 5:22AM
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Is it me or does the rest of the world have the same problem? Can you really recognize the symbols in a Captcha and reproduce them in a square the first time? These little devils called a Captcha:



If you have a web site or a blog or anything on the Internet you do want to avoid spam and robots clogging your site with useless traffic. I understand that. I have gone through that with this blog. I was getting as many as 300 robotic comments a day at the peak. But, if it’s a website that is intended to generate business, do you really want to put a Captcha on there to discourage business?

This particular Captcha was obviously developed by someone who reads eye charts all day, someone who played video games all day, or someone who could find the horse hidden in a painting in 5 seconds.

My host put one on my blog to stop the robotic comments and I have had just one comment since. The host claims a hacker got in and erased all the legitimate comments put on the site from day one. Sure, that happened. The host went in to try to cut down the spam comments and inadvertently erased all the comments. That same host erased all the traffic statistics for 5 years a while back. In the Cyber world when someone who charges you for their work screws up it’s a hacker who did the job.  At the same time the host put one of these on my sign- in protocol for the site. After seven tries I was able to access my own blog to create new entries. I did get them to remove it from there but it’s still on the comment section of the site.

Now, since I lost all comments for 3 years, I am trying to decide whether to go back to 200 a day or stay with zero. Go ahead, give it try, go to the bottom of this entry and make a comment. Just a test comment if you will and let me know how many tries it took to break the Captcha code.

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Comments (8)

  1. Mary Lou Rosemont says:

    Hi Bill! You’ve aroused my curiosity. These codes look like hieroglyphics. This will be my fifth try.

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    I have been unable to comment on your site for months. These Captcha things are hard to digest, I refreshed once, my second try.

  3. Jim Hicks says:

    My last comment 10/21 took a few tries.
    This is the 2nd.

  4. Mike Hogan says:

    Hi Bill,

    This is my first try.

    Mike Hogan

  5. admin says:

    I can do this one.

  6. Ski says:

    Wow. Got thru.

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