America the Leaderless

October/21/2014 5:22AM
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Listening to the speech by President Reagan (below) drives home the difference between that speech and those of the current president.

We have no leader. No one we can trust to tell us the truth about anything.We have a finger pointer who spreads blame like a manure spreader. A president who can not inspire other world leaders who are tired of his petty whining. A man who votes present on everything. A lazy mid-level manager who can only fund-raise, campaign, and play golf. It’s all too big for such a small man. It’s out of control and he wants to be elsewhere. The country wants the same thing. Just shut up. We don’t listen to you anymore. Too many broken promises, too many lies, and too much finger pointing.

President Reagan speaks of an America we once knew and what made us proud to be an American. It will take a great leader to rebuild from the ashes left by Obama. Hopefully we will find one who can inspire us to do the work needed to repair the wreckage he has left.

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  1. Jim Hicks says:

    I needed that this morning.

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