Rating President Obama

July/27/2014 5:35AM
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We pay this man’s salary. He is an elected employee of the people. That includes you and me. It’s a general practice in the private sector to give an employee an annual performance review. I did a lot of those in my business career. Here’s my review of our president. You are welcome to disagree.

Strengths(things the president does well in rank order)

1. campaign

2. fund raise

3. play golf

4. vacation

5. bloviate

6. photo ops

7. play the blame game

8. lie

9. travel

10. play basketball

Here are the things the president doesn’t do well(he dislikes doing/ or can’t do)

1. lead

2. work

3. work with others

4. focus and prioritize

5. follow-through(close Gitmo was his first promise) or the line in the sand, you pick, there are many

6. accept responsibility

7. tell the truth

8. say anything in 50 words or less

9. get any job done-exceptions are Osama and ObamaCare

10. fire anyone

11. assemble a competent team

There you have it. Call the man in and go over the review. Be prepared for debate. Like any narcissist he won’t agree to much. He will challenge every point. Like they say on Fox: fair and balanced. Stick to your guns. This is the first step in replacing this man on this job. It may take a couple of years and more documentation to get HR to agree to show him the door.

Or, you could just do it like this:

a teaching moment

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