You Produce the Local News for a Night

June/21/2014 5:30AM
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Here are your choices:

1.  Al Qaeda takes over the second largest city in Iraq

2. A local fire kills two

3. Hillary Clinton comes to town on a book tour

4. 24 couples marry in a newly approved gay marriage rite

5. Obama closes a local coal-fired plant that produces 20% of local power-rates expected to rise 20%

6.  a plane crashes in Boston(not your market) five die

7. 32 people protest at a local McDonald’s for higher wages

8. six sites are nominated for the Obama presidential library

9. Mass shooting in Las Vegas, 4 dead including shooter–your state’s senator calls for gun control(64th time he’s made this speech)

10. Ten killed on south side last night in 6 separate shootings

11. statehouse votes down a bill to reduce government pensions, governor says he will float another bond issue to borrow $2 billion

12. Two celebrities marry in secret ceremony

13. Miss USA is named

14. Drunk driver on freeway kills family of 5


OK, pick your top 6 stories for the 10 PM news.  Here’s how it’s done in Chicago. 1. Hillary. We want her to be president so bad we will always put her first. Next, gay marriage. Both we and Hillary support gay marriage. Next, it’s the fire. Fire trumps everything except Hillary and gay stories. Now, the plane crash. It  would be number three behind Hillary and the gay story, but it was in Boston. The protest at McDonald’s is next. We want a $20 minimum wage as does Hillary. Now, lastly, it’s a toss-up between the celebrity marriage and the Miss USA with the Miss Indiana swimsuit. If we can squeeze it in its Senator Blowhard making another speech on gun rights. We’ll do the presidential library tomorrow. Iraq, forget it, makes Obama and Hillary look bad.  Closing the coal plant, same thing.  We hate coal and don’t give a rip if the poor pay more for power. Drunk driver, old news, it was a Democratic alderman’s kid.   Shootings on the south side, happens every night.

But, the number one story for the state, the governor borrowing more money will go unreported, much like it did in Detroit for 20 years. Then comes the day of reckoning. Illinois files for bankruptcy, big story now. Wait five years for this headline.

This is how it works everywhere these days. News isn’t reported, views are given. Given by how the news is picked. Day after day after day until your brain is totally washed.  Until you think everyone wants Hillary for president despite her propensity to lie like the current liar in residence. Until you believe there are 300 million gays in America instead of 1 million. Until you buy a $20 minimum wage. Until you believe firemen should make $250K a year, retire at 40, and have a $500K a year pension. Until you believe gun rights will solve crime. Until you can’t pay your electric bill. So you forget the thousands who fought and died in Iraq, a war Hillary voted for, and we won until an idiot in the White House gave the country back to Al Qaeda.

Job done, turn the Kardashians back on the TV.

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