The Veterans’ Medical Treatment Problems

June/09/2014 5:22AM
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Who knew there were problems with the VA Hospitals and medical treatment?



Your Congressman

Your Senator

Your President

Every General on active Duty

Every Doctor at every VA facility

Every Veteran

Every VA Employee

Why did we know? Simple, it’s a government-run business. There is no accountability for anyone, top to bottom. Most are union employees and they are bullet-proof, unlike the veterans they treat. They can’t be fired. They set the rules. They break the rules. No one gives a rip from top to bottom how these veterans get treated. Neither do you or I for that matter. If we did, we would have raised hell long ago.

Now it’s a funding problem even though the budget has been almost doubled and most is unspent.

Did your president ever visit a VA hospital. Your congressman, your senator, or you? Or, me?

How many letters have been sent to the politicians on the list above, only to be answered with form letters?

The difference between you and me and the politicians is simple. We pay them to run things right. They don’t and we keep paying them. Doesn’t matter, the post office, Amtrak, Freddie, Fannie, the FHA, Social security, Medicaid, Medicare, or anything else they touch, it’s a mess. The educational system is failing for the same reasons the VA Hospitals are failing. Government can’t run anything.

But, you and I feel bad about what has happened and will continue to happen to our veterans who need health care. The politicians who did this will posture and make long speeches and point fingers at one another.

How stupid are we? Obama is in trouble over this and what has he done in the past few weeks? Traveled to Afghanistan, spoke at West Point, put a wreath on the tomb of the Unknowns, and traded 5 terrorists for an army deserter held captive. Image, image, image. We will know, forgive, and forget and let things go back to normal. Maybe even trust him with ObamaCare. Dumb Asses that we are.

Obama’s foreign policy–tread softly and carry a big speech, applies to his domestic policy. Everything that is wrong he learns about in the papers. Then makes a big speech.

Read my lips—–“smaller government” start right now with the VA hospitals–privatize them.

untreated veteran

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