School Nutrition and the Volt

June/01/2014 5:24AM
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Michelle Obama has a pet program. It, like all of her husband’s pet programs, is a failure. Her nutritional school lunches are being thrown away all across the county.  Food wasted at a level that’s unacceptable. Schools are scrapping her plan and requesting relief from the requirements. Article – First lady fires back at school meal critics

Barack wanted all of us to drive a Chevy Volt. He pushed GM(Government Motors) to invest billions. Then he used tax incentives to virtually give the car away. Still few Volts are being driven in this country.

You see, you royals can’t make the dogs eat the dog food.

On ABC network news one school superintendent said if the kids are hungry enough they will eat the Obama slop. Isn’t that nice. Starve the kids to support the queen.

This is the family of bad ideas. If they want to shove something down America’s throat shove it down their own first. I can take one look at the first lady and tell she’s not eating a lot of celery. You never see a Clydesdale in the celery patch.

As the line in the song Bobby McGee goes, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.  I’m tired of the elitist Progressives dictating what is good for me. They want me to marry the guy next door and smoke pot. In New York you can’t buy a soda over so many ounces.

Michelle, feed your kids as you see fit, but leave my grandkids alone. You have nothing to offer them that they need.

mama obama







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