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May/24/2014 5:07AM
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When I was a kid ,my neighbor friend got the morning Chicago Sun Times newspaper delivered to his house. I would go over early and read the sports pages to see how my favorite team did. On his front porch.

It had sports pages totally devoted to sports. No politics.

Today I read the May 22 USA Today Sports pages. It was mostly devoted to politics.

Headline article: “Obama honors Seahawks.” One of this president’s favorite jobs, hosting the winning team from somewhere at the White House for a photo-op. It doesn’t involve work, you see. Obama detests work. But, he must read the newspapers. It’s where he learns about things like Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the VA hospital problems. Big article in the USA Today Sports page, another team at the White House.

Below that is a feature story about Donald Sterling being investigated for tax issues. Wow, am I in Russia or China? If you make politically incorrect statements to a friend, who is recording what you say, you will be banned from watching your team play, be forced to sell said team, and worst of all, get the tax people on your case. I can’t condone what Sterling said, but when is overkill, overkill? OJ Simpson was treated better than Sterling by the media.

Wrapping up page one is the lead story by Christine Brennan attacking Florida State and their lack of action against Jameis Winston. Ms. Brennan, who has conveniently forgotten the Duke University LaCrosse team incident, wants FSU to do what Duke did and kick Winston off the team. No one really knows how much Duke paid the La Crosse players they kicked off the team with about the same amount of proof, crap from shameless so-called journalists venting their opinions with no facts.When the facts showed the student athletes were innocent, lawsuits were initiated, money paid, the media put this on page 42.   Again, is this America? No court of law has proven Winston guilty of any crime. He did shoplift crablegs, but that was resolved with the law in an appropriate manner and he was suspended by the baseball team until it was resolved.

So the legal system in this country has been supplanted by the media and the court of public opinion.

A president who is letting veterans die on his watch is applauded for photo ops with a Super Bowl team. Then he promptly goes off to visit the Cooperstown,NY, Baseball Hall of Fame the day after telling us how angry he is about the veterans dying. Quite a sports fan, this Commander-in-Chief.

A senile owner who is a typical degenerate billionaire is having his taxes checked like Al Capone, when they couldn’t get Capone on any other charges. Coincidence? Sure, Sterling just happens to have this tax issue right now.

A university is being vilified for not acting before a court of law and judging an athlete guilty of rape despite what another university learned when you do that.  Millions in damages and the reputation of the university and the legal system damaged.

Can’t we just get back to reporting sports on the sports page and try to do some objective political reporting on the political pages?

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